About Solviver

Solviver patented solar mobile charger for cell phones

Patented Advanced Portable Solar Charging Technology

Solviver creates convenient power products that provide emergency preparedness, carbon footprint reduction, and useful alternative energy for more time to connect when a plug is not available. We are especially passionate about contributing to help clean our oceans, how all life is connected!


Jerry Bessa, Inventor, Founder and CEO, is an avid surfer and always had the drive to do something that will leave his mark. His love of the ocean and sun came together while waiting for the next set to roll in. He began thinking of the calls and work to be done, but not until after one more great ride.

“It would be cool to be charging on the beach while watching the surf right now!" - Jerry Bessa

So began his mission to harvest solar power from the sun in a small convenient phone-fitted design delivering useful power swiftly.

Several years later, we have patented the most advanced solar quick-charging devices designed to help busy mobile adventurers minimize wait times in the great outdoors. We provide personal power resources by harnessing the sun's rays wherever and whenever you need a charge.

History of Solar Smartphone Chargers

Our parent company, iPowerUp is an R&D, design, and engineering firm specializing in traditional and alternative energy technologies since 2010. Founder Jerry Bessa has been engaged in alternative energy harvesting technologies since the mid-’90s.

From 2010 – 2015, iPowerUp created power cases for Blackberrys, Moto Razors, Samsungs, and Apple iPhone models up to the 8 series. Additional legacy power cases included wireless video projection and RF audio features that were sold in major retail outlets nationwide.

Now Solviver is making portable solar charging devices available to a new generation of outdoor workers and enthusiasts. With an hour in the sun, our patented solar phone charging cases provide 2-3 hours of typical use, enabling that essential call, directions, or even that social media post that just couldn't wait. 

Designed for effective solar recovery in minutes and quick traditional input charging, both technologies designed to minimize wait time!

Our charging system includes:

  • 22% efficient solar
  • Maximum power point tracking for optimization in varying light conditions
  • Solar system power management for battery reception, retention and transfer
  • Special wafer-to-cell processing approach combined delivers 98% overall efficient power performance

Fuel up from the power of the sun

Store solar power in the case, and turn it on when your ready to use this backup power on the go. The internal battery provides over 100% extra power, the semi-rugged design protects your iPhone from nicks, scratches, drops. Our solar module provides power for whenever access to an outlet is unavailable.  Even in short solar exposure your provided with meaningful power! You can plug in and charge the internal battery through AC/DC/USB, or expose the solar panel to direct sunlight. 

Technology to enhance your active life

Solviver products deliver a personal limitless energy lifeline combination to connect, even when a plug is not available! Be prepared for any situation, including emergencies, anytime, anywhere!